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TRK-TPS-10 - ControlIt - Track Power Sleepers, 10 Pairs (HO Scale)

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ControlIt Track Power Sleepers deliver electrical power to track in a discreet and dependable manner - rails to sleepers, wires in holes.

The electrical paths from the wire holes to the rails are indicated by white lines. Use one pair of holes to power a track section.

Both pairs of holes are for use at isolation locations, such as between DC blocks or DCC power districts, train detection sections, and at frogs and reversing loops. Rail ends at gaps are held securely.

Screw terminals (available seperately) can be used instead of wires - handy for test and DCC programming tracks, fiddle yards and cassettes.

Rated to a maximum of 5 Amps current.

Twenty 2.4cm long HO scale pieces included.