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LokSound V4.0 "Universal sound for reprogramming", 21 pin Plug In 54499

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Operational modes: NMRA/DCC with 14, 28, 128 drive steps and automatic RailComPlus® detection.

  DCC 2-digit & 4-digit addresses. Up to 28 functions in DCC operation.

  Digital Motorola® (old and new), up to 28 drivesteps in Motorola® mode. Up to 255 addresses in Motorola® mode. Up to 4 addresses for function keys F5 to F15.

  Selectrix® operation with 31 speed steps. Extended functions for up to 8 function keys (suitable control station necessary).

  Analogue DC and AC operation (deactivation possible).

  Automatic recognition of the operating mode and the DCC drive step configuration.

  Supporting Lenz® LG100, Märklin®, Roco® braking modes. Supporting Lenz ABC brakes and Märklin® brake system

  Reverse bit

  Intelligent programming mode with Märklin® 6021®. Supporting programming modes for ROCO Lokmaus 2 and ROCO Multimaus.

Drive control bit: 1.1A continuous load

  Connection to DC-, AC-motors with permanent magnet

  Noiseless, motor saving control with 40 / 20 kHz pwm frequency

  Motor output protected against overload. Load control of the 5th generation (possible to deactivate) Dynamic Drive Control.

Function outputs: 4 amplified outputs on wired versions

  max. 250mA load for each output

  Total current for all function outputs ca. 500mA. Outputs short circuit protected

Sound unit: 8 (!) individual sound channels

  High power stereo amplification with about 1.8 Watts output current

  Soundfiles in the internal flash memory modifiable

  Modes for Steam-, Dieselhydraulic- , Dieselelectric- , Electric locomotives, battery railcars, hybrid locomotives etc.

  32 MBit sound memory (up to 276 seconds)Connection for two independent loudspeakers

Energy buffering: Connecting for ESU 54670 PowerPack available

Communication: Full RailComPlus® integration. Susi interface.

Loudspeakers: Impedance 4-8 Ohms, 4 Ohms recommended. Special speaker 4 Ohms, 23 mm diameter (4 Ohms) included in delivery

Dimensions: 30.3mm x 15.5mm x 5.5mm (1.18 x 0.61 x 0.22 inch)