D13NHP Decoder

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NCE HO scale EPF (extended packet format) decoder with 8-pin plug and wiring harness, and no-halt capacitor array. 4 functions and 15 different lighting effects. Instructions included. This decoder is designed for HO scale 'DCC Ready" locomotives equipped with an NMRA 8-pin DCC socket. No-halt technology keeps locomotives moving over dirty track.


  • NCE No-Halt_Insurance™ technology to keep locomotives moving over dirty track. 
  • Supplied as two pre-wired modules for easier, more flexible installation 
  • Silent Running™ motor drive 
  • Torque Compensation for ultra smooth low speed performance 
  • Programmable Start, Mid and Maximum speed works for all speed modes 
  • Motor rating 1.3 Amp continuous, 2.0 Amp peak (stall) 
  • Full support for LED lighting 
  • All 4 function outputs have lighting effects generators 
  • Select from 15 different lighting effects (Mars, strobes, beacon, flicker, etc) 
  • Function outputs can be mapped to different functions 
  • 2 or 4-digit addressing 
  • Uploadable speed table interpolated to 128 speed steps 
  • 28 and 128 speed mode operation 
  • Support for all forms of DCC programming 
  • Decoder programming lock mechanism 
  • Brake on DC feature assists automatic train control 
  • Decoder dimensions: 34.0mm x 16.5mm x 2.7mm (1.35" x .63" x .11") 
  • NCE warranty