LokPilot V4.0 DCC decoder, with 8-pin plug according to NEM 652 54611

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Operational modes: NMRA/DCC with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps, DCC RailCom®

  DCC 2-digit and 4-digit addresses (long and short addresses)

  Analog DC (de-selectable)

  Automatic recognition of operational mode and DCC speed selection

  Supports Lenz® LG100, Roco® braking section

  Supports the ABC braking mode

  Base-direction bit / stores operational status

  Switching speed and acceleration & deceleration key selectable

Throttle: 1.1 A continuous load

  Runs DC, coreless and AC motors (with permanent magnet)

  Silent, safe 40 / 20 kHz pulse width frequency motor regulation

  Motor output overload protection; Fifth generation back EMF (de-selectable)

Function outputs: 4 outputs

  21MTC connector version has two additional logic outputs

  250mA load per output

  500mA total load of all function outputs short-circuit-proof

  Free function allocation (function mapping)

Dimensions: 21.3mm x 15.5mm x 5.5mm