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LokSound V4.0 M4 "Universal sound for reprogramming", NEM658 (PluX16) 66498

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Operational modes: NMRA/DCC with 14, 28, 128 drive steps and automatic RailComPlus® detection.

  DCC 2-digit & 4-digit addresses. Up to 28 functions in DCC operation.

  M4 data format with 128 speed steps and automatic recognition by appropriate command stations. Up to 16 functions in M4 operation

  Digital Motorola® (old and new), up to 28 drivesteps in Motorola® mode. Up to 255 addresses in Motorola® mode. Up to 4 addresses for function keys F5 to F15.

  Selectrix® operation with 31 speed steps. Extended functions for up to 8 function keys (suitable control station necessary).

  Analogue DC and AC operation (deactivation possible).

  Automatic recognition of the operating mode and the DCC drive step configuration.

  Supporting Lenz® LG100, Märklin®, Roco® braking modes. Supporting Lenz ABC brakes and Märklin® brake system

  Reverse bit

  Intelligent programming mode with Märklin® 6021®. Supporting programming modes for ROCO Lokmaus 2 and ROCO Multimaus.

Drive control bit: 1.1A continuous load

  Connection to DC-, AC-motors with permanent magnet

  Noiseless, motor saving control with 40 / 20 kHz pwm frequency

  Motor output protected against overload. Load control of the 5th generation (possible to deactivate) Dynamic Drive Control.

Function outputs: 6 amplified outputs on wired versions, 4 amplified outputs + 2 logic outputs on 21MTC interface versions (+2 logic outputs parallel to AUX3 and AUX4 for 21MTC version)

  max. 250mA load for each output

  Total current for all function outputs ca. 500mA. Outputs short circuit protected

Sound unit: 8 (!) individual sound channels

  High power stereo amplification with about 1.8 Watts output current

  Soundfiles in the internal flash memory modifiable

  Modes for Steam-, Dieselhydraulic- , Dieselelectric- , Electric locomotives, battery railcars, hybrid locomotives etc.

  32 MBit sound memory (up to 276 seconds)Connection for two independent loudspeakers

Energy buffering: Connecting for ESU 54670 PowerPack available

Communication: Full RailComPlus® integration. Full M4 integration. Susi interface.

Loudspeakers: Impedance 4-8 Ohms, 4 Ohms recommended. Special speaker 4 Ohms, 23 mm diameter (4 Ohms) included in delivery

Dimensions: 30.3mm x 15.5mm x 5.5mm (1.18 x 0.61 x 0.22 inch)