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M00180 Holgers Helix

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  • $495

If room is a problem Holgers Helix is the answer.

This helix rises 500mm in 5 loops and can handle a 6 plus meter train.

In your kit you will get the base board, all the threaded bolts, nuts and washers required to build your helix.

Instructions are also provided including lots of happy snaps during construction.

Standard kit is the following:

One helix complete. All you need to do is to construct the base frame.

Included are the base boards, enough for 5 loops.

All the threaded bolts washers and nuts, tee nuts, rivets required to make your helix rise 500mm.

The kit is designed to work with Peco set track R6 and R5.  R6 equals 23.5 inch radius and R5 equals 21.5 inch radius.

You can use  24 inch radius set track and 22 inch radius set track.

The amount of room is helix will take up is 1.4 mtrs square.

The outside loop is 3.68 mtrs in circumference and each loop is set at 90mm in height. At this height your climb will be 2.3% or a 1 in 43 gradient.