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933-3901 - Recovery Boiler House Kit (HO Scale)

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Paper mills are some of the busiest spots along many railroads. The HO Scale Walthers Cornerstone Superior Paper Recovery Boiler House kit is a vital part of your layout's mill complex. Brown stock, the fiber and water solution produced in the Kraft mill, is concentrated in the recovery boiler via evaporation into a substance called black liquor. As the level of concentration increases, raw rosin is created, skimmed off the top, mixed with other chemicals and heated to produce tall oil. The tall oil is stored in tanks and shipped by rail or truck to manufacturers who use it in the production of glue, rubber, ink, soap and lubricants. The remaining black liquor is burned in the boiler to generate steam and energy for the entire facility. Other cooking chemicals are recovered at this stage for reuse in the paper mill.
The Recovery Boiler House will look great near other Superior Paper Co. mill buildings. If used by itself, this building makes a great addition to many modern industries. 
  • Large industrial structure in a layout-sized space
  • Perfect for 1960s and later layouts
  • Use with other paper mill buildings
  • Makes a freat addition to other large industrial complexes
  • Tall rooftop tanks stacks
  • Molded in appropriate colors

The Recovery Boiler House measures: 11-3/4 x 8 x 17" 29.8 x 20.3 x 43.1cm.