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Spirit of Progress

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Spirit of Progress

Chris Banger & Phil Dunn

In November 1937, the Victorian Railways (VR) launched a new intercity train that integrated the latest and best of overseas technology and, when completed, was considered the equal of any other train then operating in the world. The train was called Spirit of Progress...

The Spirit of Progress made its first run in November 1937 and was the premier train of the Victorian leg of the Melbourne to Sydney interstate passenger service.

In April 1962 it was able to run through to Sydney after the Albury to Melbourne standard gauge line had been opened, and ran until August 1986, when it was amalgamated with the Southern Aurora to create the Melbourne Express in the south bound direction and Sydney Express in the north bound direction between Melbourne and Sydney.

The history of the Spirit of Progress from its conception until its demise in 1986, including an overview of the S class Pacific locomotives that hauled the train between 1937 and 1954, is the subject of the book.

376 pages

ISBN 978-0-909650-04-9