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50321 - Speaker to suit LokSound V4.0 / LokSound Micro V4.0 - 15x11mm

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A very important part of the LokSound system is the speaker. Therefore, we only use specially developed loudspeakers geared to the sound decoder. Here we recommend the following old saying, the bigger the speaker, the better the sound. As such, we offer loudspeakers in various sizes, one of them will surely fit into your loco. Should there not be enough space, you can also install the speaker in a ‘ghost waggon’ directly behind the loco.

Another crucial accessory is the sound chamber. This helps create the necessary sound pressure for the speaker´s membrane and comes with most loudspeakers.

If you are not sure about which loudspeaker fits into your loco we generally recommend to open the loco and measure the dimensions with a ruler.

Since model railway manufacturers often tend to change (tacitly) the inner modifications of their locos we are not able to make recommendations in general. Therefore rely on your own observations!

LokSound V4.0 and LokSound micro V4.0 decoders need the speaker with an impendance of 4 Ohms.