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13001 - Mobile Crane (HO Scale)

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13001 H0 LIEBHERR Mobile Telescopic Crane LTM 1160/2

Prototype data: 5-axle, max. lifting capacity 160.0 t. Lifting height with folding top 96.0 m, max. range with folding top 74.0 m. This mobile crane stands out due to several performance profiles, which make it the market leader of its class. Powered by a 400 kW/554 HP strong LIEBHERR turbo diesel engine. As a result, the crane became compact, agile and weight-optimized.

Level of difficulty: 3 (professionals).


  • Driving position L 17.5 x W 3.7 x H 4.6 cm
  • Extended L 15.8 x W 14.5 x H 41.0 cm