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14022 - Articulated Dump Truck (HO Scale)

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14022 H0 KAELBLE-GMEINDER Articulated Dump Truck

Prototype data: The KAELBLE-GMEINDER KK 25 is an all-wheel-driven dumper of high technical standard. Powered by a 6 cylinder SAAB-SCANIA diesel engine with 190 kW/259 HP, the dumper is the universal transport vehicle for all terrain. With a total weight of 41.0 t it can carry up to 15.5 m³ payload in the heatable tipper. The steering system is hydrostatic due to 2 hydraulic cylinders having an effect at the articulated joint. For action in terrain, transport on construction streets, loading or dumping, the advantages compared with traditional trucks become clearly visible. The max. speed is 53 km/h.

Level of difficulty: 2 (advanced).

Measurements: L 11.2 x W 3.0 x H 4.0 – 7.0 cm.