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SE-R15 - AW Passenger Coach Kit (HO Scale)

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R15 AW First Class Passenger Car Kit

The 58' clerestory roofed corridor passenger cars represented by this kit were introduced into Victorian Railways service from 1911 to 1922. Thirty five AW first class, thirty nine BW second class and forty seven ABW composite cars of this type were constructed and further cars with semi elliptic roofs (some 64'long) were produced 1924-26. The cars were utilised on main, cross country and branchline service and with the 71' E stock, provided the backbone of the V.R. passenger fleet for more than 50 years. Originally gas lit, all W cars were converted to electric lighting from the mid 1920's. They also initially featured bevelled mirrors above the windows and three horizontal rails across the lower window panes. These features were eliminated in the 1920's. Screw couplings were replaced with auto couplings and transition hooks in the 1930's.

Our model represents a car in its final condition as operating from the early 1950's to the mid 1980's.