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933-3175 - Butterfly Style Station Platform Shelter Kit (HO Scale)

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Butterfly-Style Station Platform Shelters are a great addition to the Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale Union Station kit and other railroad passenger depots. For passengers at any station the platform was the first and last stop for every passenger. Tall walkways allowed passengers fast and easy access to and from trains. The hard surface made it easy to wheel baggage and mail carts into place, as well as supplies for the diner or other cars. And since no one liked being too wet or warm, a roof provided some protection from the elements. As an alternate to costly train sheds, North American railroads tried three distinct styles of station platforms including the Busch, Umbrella and Butterfly types. Of these, the Butterfly (so named because of its up-swept, wing-shaped roof) was cheaper to build and eliminated the maintenance headaches of other designs. Providing plenty of ventilation for engine exhaust and just enough protection from the sun and rain for passengers, Butterfly platforms gained widespread popularity early in the 20th century.
Building a detailed terminal scene for your passenger trains is easy with this kit. Based on the almost universal Butterfly design, platforms of this type can be found at stations in big cities and outlying suburbs where they have served passengers for many years. The kit includes parts for four complete platforms and features a modular design so you can combine multiple kits to make longer platforms. To get passengers to and from trains safely, a pair of optional underground subway stairway entrances are included to add realistic detail without a lot of work. Wooden walkway crossings between tracks, platform benches, detailed steel columns, platform signboards and realistic details are all included. Ideal for use with any steam, transition or diesel-era layout, these train depot platform shelters look great alongside Cornerstone Union Station 933-3094, sold separately, and similar station facilities. The Butterfly-Style Station Platform Shelters kit is one of a wide variety of Cornerstone HO Scale railroad structures.
  • Great for steam or diesel-era layouts
  • Underground stairway entrances included
  • Modular design allows easy expansion with additional kits, sold separately
  • Molded in appropriate colors
  • Includes four benches, wooden cart crossings, signboards and other details
  • Easy-to-build plastic kit