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Diesel Diary Volume 4 (DVD)

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“Diesel Diary - 4” is the fourth in this popular series of videos illustrating a wide range of diesel locomotives, many now no longer in regular service, working in a variety of locations in New South Wales.

Much of this video covers a journey to the north west region of New South Wales in April 1997 to record the final five 442 class locos, or ‘jumbos’ as they were commonly nicknamed, still in mainline service for Freight Rail. They are seen in combinations with other classes of locos on banking duties over the Liverpool Ranges and hauling heavy grain and ballast trains between Werris Creek and Moree, Quad 48s feature prominently as well.

A tour train to the Cowra region in November 1994 is also covered, the highlights of which include candy 4701 on the line to Trajere, and tuscan 4204 & 4716 with candy 48144 & blue 48154 blasting through the spectacular countryside between Cowra and Blayney.

On screen captions, no narration.

Approximate run time: 60 minutes.