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KD-178 - #178 "158 Scale" Metal Self Centering Whisker Coupler - Medium (9/32") Centerset Shank 2pr (HO Scale)

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#178 HO Scale #158 "Scale" Whisker® Metal Couplers & Scale Gearboxes - Medium (9/32") Centerset Shank

The #178 Kadee® Magne-Matic® Coupler features a "Scale" Metal Whisker® Coupler (a smaller head coupler which is more to scale and is patterned after the type 'E" couplers), insulated "Scale" Draft Gear Box and Lid with rear and center screw holes for mounting.

Package Includes:

  • (2) Pair #178 Scale Whisker® Metal Couplers - Medium Centerset Shank
  • (2) Pair #178 Scale Snap-Together Gearboxes and lids
  • (2) #625 Knuckle Springs

2-56 screws are the most commonly used for center hole.

0-48 or 0-80 screws are used for rear hole.
Screw length will very depending on the mounting situation.

It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface or in a metal draft gearbox to avoid possible electrical crossover and shorting that may cause damage.

#178 Scale Whisker® Metal Coupler Features:
Material  -   Metal
Shank Length  -   Medium (9/32") (center hole to back of coupler head)
Coupler Offset  -   Centerset
Knuckle Spring  -   #625
Centering System  -   Whisker®
Head  -   "Scale" Head

#178 Snap-Together Gearbox Features:
Material  -   Insulated Plastic
Lid Type  -   Snap-Together
Dimensions  -   19/32"L x 17/64"W x 5/32"H

Mounting Specifications:
Mounting Height  -   29/64"
Centerline  -   25/64"
Trip Pin Height  -   1/32"
Center Hole  -   2-56 Insulated Screws are the most commonly used. (Screw length will vary)
Rear Hole  -  0-48 or 0-80 are the most commonly used. (Screw length will vary)