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KD-780 - #780 Tap (0-80) & Drills (#55 & #52)

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#780 - Tap and Drill Set - Tap 0-80 and Drills #55 and #52

Hand Tap and Drill Set made from High Speed Steel. Hand Taps are the versatile, and are popular for use in taping holes for the hobby industry and general tapping. Bottoming Taps are useful for threading blind holes. A bottoming tap has almost no taper at the end because it is designed to thread all the way to the bottom of its reach.

Package Includes:

  • (1) 0-80 Tap (bottoming style)
  • (1) #55 Tap Drill
  • (1) #52 Clearance Drill

WARNING: Cutting tools may shatter when broken. An approved form of eye protection is strongly recommended.

The #780 Tap and Drill Set is used for installing 0-80 screws.

Recommended for installation of HOn3 Couplers and other drilling and tapping needs.