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KQJX Cattle Wagon RTR017 (3 PACK)

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  • $195

Wuiske Models, in partnership with Haskell Co, have released the second run of KOJX wagons. 


  • 18" Minimum Radius.
  • Ready To Run. 
  • Fine scale RP25-88, blackened, brass wheels. 
  • Injection moulded (ABS and POM) body and components. 
  • Separately applied stainless steel, brass and plastic components. 
  • Factory painted and decorated. 
  • Genuine Scale Kadee 158 whisker couplers. 
  • Accurate printing and stencilling. 
  • Height adjustable. 

**PLEASE NOTE** Coupler trip pins will need to be adjusted due to the accurate coupler height. 
The KOJX wagons were converted from surplus QLX wagons beginning in 1997 in a program to replace the ageing timber sided cattle wagon fleet. The QLX louvre wagons had the bodies removed and a cattle crate added. These wagons were built in two batches in 1997 and 1999.
The KOJX wagons can be seen on ALL main lines (including the Brisbane suburban network) as well as the majority of Western branch lines.