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McBain Productions

MCB-07 - A NSW Train on Line Vol. 7 (DVD)

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For many years the NSW rail network has been complimented by the diverse array of locomotive classes assigned to work its trains.

In recent years particularly, the Southern and Western Regions have accomodated the presence of ARG's CL and L class locos, whilst Lachlan Valley Rail (Freight Division) have relied on the use of GM and 44 class locomotives to fulfill their grain contracts.

A NSW Train on Line winds the clock back to the summer of 1992/93 when the 44 class made a surprise return to the Southern Region.

This rail series takes an inside look at many signal boxes in action and the time honoured tradition of signalmen "setting the road" for that next train. We also document the Double line block telegraph system operating between Wallendbeen and Harden.

A NSW Train on Line represents a portfolio of memorable images and illustrates a timely reminder that another rail chapter will soon be turned for the last time as progress continues to make its presence felt and efficiency dictates the outcome.

A NSW Train On Line is a must for all rail fans.

Approximate run time: 80 minutes.