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Modeler's Punch - 2mm/3mm

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This handy tool is designed to allow you to cut circular pieces of material from a range of materials such as plastic plate (up to 0.5mm thickness) or masking stickers, removing the need for fiddly use of a modeling knife. The small pieces it cuts will be of great use for recreating detail on your scale models, or even creating your own masking stickers for circular areas. 2 different diameter bits are included.

  • Includes 2mm and 3mm punch bits (x1 each) made from durable chrome   molybdenum.
  • The wide rotating grip ensures that your hand does not tire when using the tool. 
  • Punch bits can be quickly exchanged with just a single touch.
  • Plastic parts cut out by the punch are easily removed from the tool.
  • Tamiya logo is printed in white on the tool grip.