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Narrow Gauge Rail Action in WA - Vol.1 Southern Regions (DVD)

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Southern Regions - Extened Version
In this volume you will see alumna trains as they pass through Brunswick junction on the Southwest main making their way between the Alcoa Refineries and the port of Bunbury. See caustic trains as they take their load to the Alcoa refineries at Wagerup and Hamilton and then their return trip back to Bunbury after unloading.

On the Great Southern Railway watch the grain trains as they work in and out of Albany. The grain trains travel the section of the GSR between Wagin and Albany. Once at Wagin they head out along the Lake Grace line to the many CBH facilities including Hyden and Newdegate branch.

Based at Albany is the Woodchipper and we follow as it makes its way to and from the mill located at Mirambeena and the port of Albany a distance of 27km`s by rail. See rare scenes of two DD class locos 2357 and 2359 working on the train plus shots of the NJ, P and DBZ class also working the woodchip train.

There are various clips of the two ZB class 2125 and 2129 working the narrow gauge ballast train into Albany. RA212 can also be seen working the rail fleet between Kendenup and Albany, the first time RA212 visited Albany. There is a brief view of D49 on the standard gauge ballast train dropping ballast on the main line at Midland. The three classes listed here belong to South Spur, which is owned by Cootes Industrial.

The Prospector which travels between Perth and Kalgoorlie makes an appearance as it departs Midland station while shortly after the Avon Link arrives at Midland from Northam. Trans WA operates both these trains.

Technical information on all the locomotives shown is detailed within the presentation.

Approximate run time: 115 minutes.