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NCE - PH-Pro Power Pro 5 Amp DCC System

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PH-Pro Power Pro DCC System by NCE Corp. A complete high end 5-Amp DCC system in one compact hand-held throttle. Operates trains, lights, sounds and more ... perfect for the smallest home layout to the largest multi-room club layout. Requires a 5amp, 15vAC power supply such as the NCE #P515 (sold separately). Note: The NCE 5-amp power supply operates on 110vAC power only.

PH-Pro System includes:

  • PowerPro Command Station/Booster 
  • Pro Cab handheld controller 
  • Coiled cable for Pro Cab 
  • Connecting cables 
  • UTP cab bus panel 
  • Power Pro System Reference Manual

PH-Pro Specifications:

  • Continuous Output Current: 5.14 Amps 
  • Power requirements: 15vAC, 5 Amp power supply 
  • Short circuit handling: automatic shutdown after 500mS of short circuit 
  • Output voltage: Factory set to 14.25 Volts, adjustable 9.5 to 18 Volts 
  • Speed control: thumbnailwheel operated digital encoder with adjustable ballistic tracking rate, plus pushbutton speed control with adjustable auto-repeat rate (4 pulses per second to one pulse per 4 seconds) 
  • Backlit LCD Display: 2 line by 16 characters/line. Two extra display lines available for display of additional information when used with computer dispatcher programs. 
  • Cabs: up to 63 
  • Number of simultaneous trains: 250 
  • Number of consists: 127 of unlimited number of locomotives each 
  • Range of locomotive addresses: 0-9999 
  • Range of consist addresses: 1-127 
  • Range of accessory addresses: 1-2044 
  • Computer interface: Included