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NCE - PowerCab 2 Amp DCC System Starter Set

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Power Cab DCC System by NCE (North Coast Engineering). A complete high-end 2-Amp DCC system in one compact hand-held throttle. Operates trains, lights, sounds and more. Includes manual, cables and power supply - nothing else to buy.

An entire DCC system in the palm of your hand!

The cab provides all of the capability and ease of use of the Power Pro system, but at an entry level price. Installation is a snap. Hook two wires to your track, plug in the cab and you're off and running trains! The only entry-level system with full featured programming track. And, the Power Cab doubles as a regular Deluxe Pro Cab if you operate at a layout with a larger NCE DCC system.

Power Cab System includes:

  • Power Cab with v1.65 firmware
  • 7' Power Cab Cable 
  • PCP Power Panel 
  • Power Supply
  • Pro Cab Coiled Cord 
  • User Manual

Power Cab Specifications:

  • Power Input Requirements: 10-15V regulated DC, 3A max 
  • Power Connector: 5.5mm x 2.5mm center positive 
  • Track Power Output: Voltage input minus (-) .5 Volt 2 Amps peak 
  • Maximum Cabs: 2 plus USB Interface and/or Mini Panel
  • Cab Locomotive Recalls: 2 to 6
  • Number of simultaneous trains: 12 
  • Number of consists: 16 advanced consists of unlimited number of locomotives each. Plus 4 old style consists up to 2 locos each. 
  • Range of locomotive addresses: 0-9999 
  • Range of consist addresses: 112-127 
  • Range of accessory addresses: 1-2044 
  • Range of signal addresses: 1-2044 
  • Computer interface: USB optional (not included)