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Powerline - 48136 - Tuscan MK4 48 Class Locomotive - All New Design (HO Scale)

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PLM-48136 Powerline 48-class Mark-4 #48136 NSWGR Tuscan HO scale DC-Only/Hardwire

The 48 Class diesel-electric locomotives were built by A E Goodwin (Auburn) for the New South Wales Government Railways between 1959 and 1970. Once the most ubiquitous locomotive in New South Wales, Australia, they are based on Alco frames and prime movers using General Electric electrical equipment.

The 48 Class were ordered to commence the conversion of branch lines to diesel traction with the first entering service in September 1959. Further orders saw 165 in service by October 1970. There were four versions:

Mark 1: 4801- 4845, Mark 2: 4846- 4885, Mark 3: 4886 - 48125, Mark 4: 48126 - 48165

    The Mark 1's and Mark 2's can be distinguished from the others by their fuel tank, which incorporates the brake reservoir tanks on either side.

    As well as branch lines they operated both main line and metropolitan services on every line in the state. Withdrawals began in August 1994 and by January 2014, 66 remained in service primarily with Pacific National, GrainCorp, Greentrains, Junee Railway Workshop and Sydney Trains.

    HO scale
    48-class Mark-4 Co-Co Diesel-Electric
    #48136 NSWGR Tuscan 
    DC-Only (Hardwire required for DCC)