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Powerline - H2 V/Line H Class Locomotive (HO Scale)

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PLM-H2VL Powerline H-Class Low Nose #H2 V/Line HO scale

The H class are a class of diesel locomotives built by Clyde Engineering, Granville for the Victorian Railways in 1968-1969.

The H Class were built as T class locomotives with modifications for use at the Melbourne Hump Yard. They were fitted additional equipment for their duties, including extra weight for traction, "manual power control" to allow low speed operation, and an accurate low speed speedometer.

The H class were delivered as T413 to T417, but were reclassified before entering service. The class rarely left Melbourne due to their excessive weight, until being approved to operate on the same lines as the N class in January 1987. All were included in the sale of V/Line Freight to Freight Victoria in May 1999 and passed with the business to Pacific National in August 2004.

HO scale
H-class Low Nose Bo-Bo Diesel-Electric
#H2 Freight Australia Green/Yellow