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Powerline - T387 - York Pen Railway Series 3 T Class Locomotive - Low Nose (HO Scale)

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PLM-T387YPR Powerline T-class Series-3 Low Nose #T387 York Peninsula Railway HO scale DC-Only/Hardwire

A total of 94 T-class diesel-electric locomotives were built by Clyde Engineering (Granville) for the Victorian Railways between 1955 and 1968. Although ordered as branch line locomotives, they were often used on main line services as the branch lines began to close.

The class can be divided into three main styles by appearance:
Flat tops: T320-T346 (first order). Based on Electro-Motive Diesel G8 locomotive design, this order had a low cab and roof.
High cabs: T347-T356 and T357-T366 (second and third orders). They differed from the flat tops by having a high cab but were mechanically similar. The 3rd order had an altered radiator design.
Low nose: T367-T386, T387-T396, T397-T406 and T407 to T417 (fourth through seventh orders). The fourth order introduced a new low nose that provided greater driver visibility, and a more modern generator. The sixth order introduced the newer EMD 645E engine, replacing the older EMD 567.

This model represents T-class #387 as operated by the York Peninsula Railway, a tourist attraction in South Australia and operated by the Lions Club from the late 1990s till early 2000s..

HO scale
T-class Series-3 Low Nose Bo-Bo Diesel-Electric
#T387 York Peninsula Railway Blue/Red/White
DC-Only (Hardwire required for DCC)