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933-3903 - Rotary Dumper Kit (HO Scale)

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The Walthers Cornerstone Rotary Dumper is a great addition to all types of heavy industries that need to unload large quantities of raw materials in a hurry. Paper mills like Superior Paper that don't have their own debarking or chipping facility receive shipments of wood chips by train. They're unloaded quickly by spinning a clamped rail car around, dumping the load into a pit beneath the tracks. The wood chips are moved by conveyors and often piled high for storage outside the mill. At steel works, they handle hoppers of limestone as well as coal for the coke ovens. Paper mills use them to empty woodchip cars. Powerplants make quick work of unloading unit trains without uncoupling cars. In any setting, this detailed model captures the look of the real thing for your layout. Detailed styrene components simulate the heavy steel construction of the prototype and include positionable turning machinery.
  • Great for diesel-era industries
  • Positionable turning machinery
  • Molded in appropriate base colors

Kit measures: 9-1/2 x 7-1/4" 24.1 x 18.4cm; Required depth clearance: 2-1/2" 6.4cm.