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Byways of Steam - 26

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Byways of Steam - 26

Railways and Collieries of the West Wallsend District; Another Trial Trip; Our Railway heritage - Kogarah; Thank God for the Far West; Steam Depots in NSW: Mt Victoria Coals to Newcastle in Days Past; Timber Tramways of the 7th Section; What's Your N

Eveleigh Press, Australian MODEL RAILWAY Magazines associate publisher, has released another book on railway operation that will offer modellers and prototype enthusiasts alike, an insight into the days of steam. Our well-known team of authors is again involved in the publication. Although a book on prototype operation, all subject matter relates to modelling, especially the operation of a prototype based layout.

Volume 26 features:

  • Railways and Collieries of the West Wallsend District. Brian Andrews gives an account of the coal railways of the area.
  • Another Trial Trip. Before engine crews are passed for a specific class of locomotive, it is necessary for the men to successfully handle the engine on a Trial Trip in the presence of a Locomotive Inspector. Long time Junee engineman Pat Turner relates a few problems which he and driver Dick Evans had with a 60 class Garratt on one such trip.
  • Our Railway Heritage - Kogarah. Robert Booth looks at this Sydney suburban location.
  • Thank God for the Far West. From 1931 until 1967, The Far West Children's Health Scheme Carriages were a familiar sight in outback New South Wales. Converted from former passenger carriages, the cars conveyed a nursing sister to various locations where she tended and gave advice to expectant or new mothers and so helped to reverse a frightening incidence of child mortality and illness in the outback. This article covers the history of this most worthwhile scheme and the carriages which served it so well.
  • Steam Depots in NSW: Mt Victoria. A locomotive shed was provided at Mount Victoria in 1910 and provided crews and servicing arrangements for the next 47 years. Ray Love presents the life and times of this small but important locomotive out-depot located at the top of the Blue Mountains.
  • Coals to Newcastle in Days Past. Ray Loves photo essay reliving the haulage of coal in Newcastle.
  • Timber Tramways of the 7th Section. In the early 1900s, a number of timber tramways were established on the North Coast of NSW, transporting the timber and logs to the North Coast Railway. Well known author Jim Longworth provides an insight into two timber tramways, the Bonville Timber Tramway and the Boambee Timber Tramway.
  • What's Your Number? Ian Dunn presents an overview of the locomotive numbering practices of the NSWGR, and a description of the numeral forms used on steam and diesel locomotives from 1855 to 1982.


    Published: 2009

    Pages: 136

    Format: Softcover

    ISBN: 978-1-876568-33-7