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Coaching Stock NSW Railways - Vol. 1

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Coaching Stock NSW Railways - Vol.1

A 260 page volume by David Cooke, Don Estell, Keith Seckold and John Beckhaus. Illustrations by Dennis Toohey.

The title covers, in detail, the design, construction and operation of carriage stock on the railways of NSW. The groups covered in Volume 1 include:

  • The four- and six-wheel passenger stock,including brake vans, hearses, horse boxes and carriage trucks.
  • Early bogie cars including Cleminson, Redfern, Ashbury and others, Express 'dog boxes' and their rebuilds including the Land Rtype cars.
  • The 72'6" cars, the twelve-wheelers, including Dental Clinic Car. Miscellaneous Lucy-era cars including SBX, SFX and ACX.
  • Special cars including the state cars SG, GG and PAM, the Commissioner's train, Medical Officer's, etc., horseboxes, prison vans and luggage vans.

Coverage is extensive; there is comprehensive tabular information on construction, conversion and condemnation dates for the individual car.

Illustrations include photographs of every available type and drawings. This work has been over a decade in the making, and includes the latest research from original sources. It is the definitive work on the NSW passenger carriage, and is unlikely to be reprinted. This is a once-only chance to get the most complete work on NSW carriages ever offered. 

ISBN: 978-1-876568-00-3

Published: 1999

Pages: 260

Format: Hardcover