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Diesel Profiles: Alco 541

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Alco DL541

Developed by ALCO in the US, the DL541 hood unit was designed specifically for export around the globe. World-wide, only eighty-seven locomotives of this model were built, with forty-seven being constructed locally under licence for use by the New South Wales Government Railways and the South Australian Railways. Forty of these locomotives became the New South Wales 45 class, while the remaining seven entered service in South Australia as their 600 class.


Diesel Profiles - Alco DL541 describes the development of the DL series locomotives, local design specifications and the reasoning behind their acquisition. Modifications, livery changes and operational characteristics are all described in detail as well as the daily chores which these reliable locomotives performed. More recent experiments with the original design, such as the 35 class, Austrac rebuild and BU class 'slug' developments are covered. Embellished with easy to read tables, maps and diagrams, this book is profusely illustrated in both colour and black and white, providing a complete history of these well respected locomotives.

The many features of this book include:

176 pages

Fully indexed

Colour case-bound cover

Over 200 photographs

Fully illustrated

Scale drawings

56 colour photographs

Railway maps of NSW & SA 

Published: 01/09/1998

Pages: 176

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 0-9586724-8-2