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Day of the Goods Train

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The Day of the Goods Train

Day of the Goods Train by noted railway author Ron Preston follows the same format as Times of the Passenger Train volumes. This 256 A4 page, hard full-cover with dust jacket, diagrams, tables and over 300 photographs, this book is great value.

For over 110 years, the New South Wales Railways operated steam hauled Goods Trains to carry an extensive range of commodities in an equally wide assortment of vehicles.

This book explores many aspects of these trains that were such a vital part of life for industries and communities, large and small in the cities and county towns of New South Wales.

Some of the specialised subjects covered in this book include commodities hauled wagons used over many years, facilities built to load and unload the wagons, locomotives that hauled the trains, how goods trains were organised and operated, trip trains, tarpaulins and other specific topics, add anecdotes, stories and a wealth of expert information and Day of the Goods Train is a book no modeller or historian can afford not to have in their library. 

Pages: 256

Author: Ron Preston

Format: Hardcover