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Time of the Passenger Train - 2nd Division

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Time of the Passenger Train - 2nd Division

Eveleigh Press proudly announces the release of Time of the Passenger Train Second Division

This book, the second in this series, continues the exploration of the now almost forgotten world of the country passenger train. Once again, the trains of a geographic area are examined and. in this case, the northern area is covered. Mail trains deserve a special study and a full chapter sets out to describe the operations of these once all encompassing and important services. As a further tribute to these exceptional trains, we take a journey on the South West Mail, a train that, in its time, enjoyed the tractive powers of a wide variety of fascinating steam locomotives, large and small.

The various needs of the passengers are also covered ranging from the gastronomic to aspects such as heating (remember foot warmers?), cooling, lighting and many other creature comforts. Many of these came together in the legendary Silver City Comet, a train that rightly deserves a chapter in its own right. Similarly, the Newcastle Express, known to many as The Flyer.

Both trains are extensively covered in words and pictures. There are some 35 colour plates to further enhance the images. Come with us again as we relive the halcyon days of passenger travel in pictures, text, experiences and memorabilia. Again, the book tells the story of not only the trains but also the supporting practices, operations and systems, the infrastructure and the almost innumerable facets that were an integral part of the passenger train services of New South Wales.

Time of the Passenger Train: 2, by noted author Ron Preston, follows the same format as his previous production, the popular Day of the Goods Train and of course, Division 1 of this series.

Published: 2004

Pages: 192

Author: Ron Preston

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-876568-22-1