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SDS-U-C Series 3 U Van - C (3 Pack)

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18’ U Vans - 1467 to 1796  

The third series of 10’6” wheelbase U vans were rebuilt using the underframes from earlier wooden bodied U vans. They were converted at the Bendigo North Workshops between 1956 and 1959.

There were 330 in the class and some lasted in traffic until the early 1980s. The body construction was similar to the early VF bogie vans and they all had sliding doors and corrugated iron roofing. There was some variation in the ends of the vans and both styles are modelled.

The models feature different end panel details and door types. The van on the left has all louver end panels and the van on the right with the pressed panel ends.

Model Features:

  • Assembled Ready-to-Run HO scale model
  • Highly detailed wagon body and underfloor
  • Full brake rigging and underfloor detail
  • 3-piece brake rigging allowing for wheel-set removal
  • Spoked wheels with stainless steel tyres
  • Two different door styles
  • Two different end panel details
  • Genuine Kadee scale head metal couplers
  • 18” Minimum radius recommended