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SE-R24 - IA Tommy Bent Kit (HO Scale)

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R24 I/IA Open Wagon, "Tommy Bent"

The pattern vehicle, number 6600, for this series of I wagons with 4'6" high steel sides, was constructed at Newport Workshops during 1901. The following six years saw the construction of a further 639 wagons, together with 166 to a similar design, rebuilt from older wooden I wagons. These wagons originally had a capacity of 15 tons but during the early 1930's, at about the time they were fitted with auto' couplers, they were recoded IA and given a dual load rating of 16 tons. About 1957, when the buffers were removed, this became 1/16 tons.

*Model illustrated has been fitted with handbrake, shunter's steps and couplers (not included).