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SE-R23 - P Explosives Van Kit (HO Scale)

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R23 P Explosives Van

Twenty five new explosives vans were built at Newport workshops during 1953/54. Coded P and numbered 1-25 they utilised the underframes from wooden U vans whose bodies had been condemned. These new vans were designed to replace the existing fleet of explosives wagons, which dated from the previous century. A second batch, numbered 26-45 were built in 1958/59, but differed in some details such as the diagonal side bracing and the bracing of the ends. A further six vans, P46 to 51, were constructed in the early 1960's and were generally similar to the second batch. 

Our kit represents one of the first series vans and includes the roof ventilators with which these vans were originally equipped. These ventilators were removed about 1968. The P vans continued in traffic up to the mid 1980's when they were withdrawn, along with most other four wheel wagons. A number have been preserved, with several examples on the Castlemaine and Maldon railway, and the bodies from P vans can also be seen around Victoria in use as sheds.

*Model illustrated has been fitted with handbrake, shunter's steps and couplers (not included).