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SE-R27CS - QR Bogie Open Wagon Kit - with 40 Ton Cast Steel Bogies (HO Scale)

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R27 QR Bogie Open Wagon - includes etched details. 40 Ton Cast Steel Bogies.

QR number 1 was built at the VR Newport workshops in 1889, being the forerunner of a long lived and useful class of wagon. Wright and Edwards of Braybrook built 150 wagons, numbered 2 to 151 in 1890/91 with a further 50 wagons, numbered 152 to 201 constructed by the VR at Braybrook in 1892. These wagons were built with swing motion diamond frame bogies, a composite steel and wood underframe with truss rods and were rated at 26tons capacity. Construction of QR resumed in 1912 with a further 175 wagons constructed to a slightly altered design, featuring plate frame bogies, in the following two years. During the 1930s the fleet were rebuilt with all steel underframes, auto-couplers and heavier bracing for the ends. The brake equipment on wagons 1-201 was altered from a combination brake cylinder-auxiliary reservoir to a larger brake cylinder with separate auxiliary reservoir. The all steel underframe was stronger and the rated capacity increased to 30 tons, with a further increase to 31 tons in the late 1950s when buffers and truss-rods were removed.

The kit represents a wagon as running from the mid to late 1950s until final withdrawal in the 1990s.

Only wagon is pictured. Refer to title for bogie style.