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SE-R28 - Riveted IZ/RY Dual Combination Kit for 2 Wagons (HO Scale)

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R28 IZ/RY Open Wagons. Combo kit with 2 versions - includes etched details.

IZ wagons 1 to 599 were constructed at Newport Workshops between 1928 and 1931 with wagons 761 to 810 following in 1934. They were a general purpose open wagon with dual load rating of 16/27Tons, featured an underframe with side sills located directly under the sides and a wheel operated hand brake. Whilst all were basically identical, wagons 1 to 300 were constructed with barn door catches, whereas the rest of the fleet had hook type catches

During 1963/64 there was a spate of derailments that were traced to "W" irons of 27 Ton capacity GZ, IZ and HZ wagons cracking where they were riveted to the underframe. The solution adopted was to replace the 'W" irons and reclassify the wagons RY, retaining the same numbers, with a reduced capacity rating of 16/22 Tons. By the 1960s the bodies were also showing their age and 249 wagons were rebuilt with welded bodies and grain-proofed, becoming GY 911 to 1079 and 1081 to 1160 in 1966/67. Another 60 had the bodies removed, becoming KQ container flats between 1969 and 1973. Other riveted IZ wagons supplied underframes for oil tank wagons 505 to 514. A more complete record of the history of these wagons can be found in volumes 4, 5 and 6 of the 'Brief History books by Norm Bray, Peter Vincent and Daryl Gregory.

This kit includes parts for two complete wagons. One wagon features barn type door catches and the other has hook catches. IZRY 1 to 300 with barn catches.

*Models illustrated have been fitted with couplers (not included).