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SE-R14 - SFX/VFLX Bulkhead Flat Wagon Kit (HO Scale)

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R14 SFX/VFLX Bulkhead Flat Wagon Kit

The SFX flat wagons entered service from 1967 to 1970, constructed in the VR workshops at Ballarat and Newport. Designed as a general purpose flat wagon incorporating bulkheads, these wagons were designed for the transport of long loads such as pipes, poles etc. and can also be fitted for container traffic. The first 25 were fitted with a wooden floor, but the kit represents a steel floored wagon numbered in the 26-120 range. Wagons 1-50 were fitted with ratchet handbrakes, the rest being fitted with Miner handbrakes.

From 1987, most VFLX (recoded SFX) wagons were converted to container traffic use only, by cutting down the bulkheads and "skeletising" the floor to reduce tare weight. Some remain (as of 6/89) as built for rail transport and other departmental traffic. Australian Model Railway Magazine, Issue 125, April 1984, has an article on the SFX class and details of variants, but the associated drawing is not accurate.

*Model illustrated has been fitted with shunter's steps and couplers (not included).