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SE-R18G - Z Six Wheel Guards Van Kit (HO Scale)

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R18 Z 6 Wheel Guards Van

Six wheeled brake vans, generally similar to the Z, trailed goods, passenger and mixed trains on the Victorian Railways since its inception in the 1850's until their withdrawal in the 1980's, only a few years before the withdrawal of all Guard's vans.

The prototype for this kit is the standard 8'6" wide, 6 wheeled van first issued to traffic in 1889 and classified D at that time. The kit portrays a van in original condition with 4 windows in the front and back walls of the cupola. The model may be modernised to mid 1960's onwards by blanking out the middle 2 windows with 0.005" styrene or brass. A chimney is also included for a stove for heating in the Guard's compartment, which was a modification from mid 1950 onwards. By the early 1960's most vans had their buffers removed.

*Model illustrated has been fitted with couplers (not included).