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Noch 34854 - Stone Wall (19.8 x 7.4cm) (N Scale)

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Wall to Wall

The hard foam “Wall” is ideal for designing city walls, tunnel walls, passages and boundaries. The super realistically coloured Wall from the Stone Wall PROFI plus hard foam series is a perfect fit on any model railway layout. This gives you an even more perfectly recreated nature scene that can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. Whether it’s serving as a demarcation in a city, a wall around a village church or to design a residential area, the “Wall” can be perfectly placed in various landscape scenarios to achieve a great tableau. Recreate different scenes with the hard foam “Wall” even more perfectly.

Note: the Wall is suitable for everything in the Stone Wall PROFI plus hard foam series.

Contents: 19.8x7.4cm. 1x piece.