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NCE - USB Interface For NCE Cab Bus

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USB computer interface for NCE DCC system equipped layouts. Provides a means of connecting a computer to the NCE cab bus for computer programming and/or operation of your NCE DCC equipped layout. While primarily designed to provide a computer interface to the Power Cab program track, it can additionally be used with any NCE system to run trains, control signals, turnouts and Program on the Main (OPs mode programming). 


  • Supports train/accessory/signal operation and Ops programming with all NCE DCC systems
  • Draws only 45mA from the Cab Bus power.
  • Supports Power Cab program track
  • Optoisolated USB prevents "sneak path" short circuits
  • Multiple USB boards can be used with some NCE systems
  • USB drivers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux available via Internet download

Complete installation instructions included. Requires a Type A to Type B USB cable (not included).