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C1206 - EZ Water (16oz) 473ml

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E-Z Water is a great solution for easy, fast and flat surfaces. There is no need for measuring or mixing. Just melt E-Z Water and pour to create ponds, streams, rivers and harbors. E-Z Water hardens in minutes and is easy to tint with powdered fabric dye. It is a low odor, non-toxic, plastic product that comes in the form of pellets.

E-Z Water is compatible with Water Undercoats and Surface Waters. Note: Do not use Water Tints with E-Z Water.

Contents cover 154 in2 when poured to a depth of 1/8".

16 oz vol (473 mL)

CAUTION: Heat only as instructed. Contact with heated E-Z Water may cause skin and eye irritation. Avoid spills and spattering material when heating and pouring.

DO NOT MIX PELLETS WITH ANY LIQUID! Dangerous spattering may occur and cause burns.

FIRST AID - Eye Contact: Flush immediately with cool water for 15 minutes. If product becomes solidified, do NOT remove from eye. Seek medical attention immediately.

Skin Contact: Wash with soapy water.

Ingested: Seek medical attention immediately.

E-Z Water is non-toxic.